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If you already have the required documents and need an appointment at the Italian Consulate to apply for your Citizenship or issue and renew your Passport, we have the fastest and most efficient solution.

We do the work. You save time

and pay only after your appointment is confirmed.


Italian Citizenship

by Descent

Italian descendants of legal age who do not yet have citizenship


Italian Citizenship by Direct Descent

For those over 18 y.o. whose parent already has an Italian Citizenship



For those who already have an Italian Citizenship and wish to renew or issue Passports


Electronic Identity Card (CIE)

New Electronic Identity Document

Other Services and Consulates

If the service or Consulate you are looking for is not on our page, please contact our team. Within 2 working days we will respond to your request.


MARKED BY TRANSPARENCY: There is no connection between the PRENOTA DIGITAL and the Italian Consulate. The booking system Prenot@Mi is FREE OF CHARGE and can be used by the applicant himself.


We do not "sell appointments" and do not offer any type of undue advantage. We work with scheduling attempts and we limit ourselves to offering convenience and the consequent increase in the probability of success, proportional to the regularity and assiduity with which they are performed. Attempts to obtain a consular appointment can take months or even years, depending on the consulate's availability.


Discover the technology we have developed to book your appointment without wasting any more time.

The process of applying for Italian Citizenship through administrative route (consulate) involves several steps, all of which are free, except the payment of the consular fee at the time of delivery of the documents.


For several reasons, claimants choose to hire a consultant to assist them throughout the process or only in certain stages.

Under the same logic, regarding the final stage of the procedure, scheduling a date for the delivery of documents, anyone with a compromised schedule, whether they are health, education or public safety professionals, elderly or have difficulties with technology, would have no chance of applying for dual nationality.


While we are making the attempts, you can carry out your commitments without worrying about the daily attempts to make your appointment.

Your appointment will be carried out following all the necessary criteria and each client's information is reviewed by a consultant specialized in consular processes.

You do not have to worry, because at the time of your appointment  your data will be ready and without any unforeseen circumstances we will make your attempts.

The comfort provided by technology is a reality and has an important role in our quality of life and time optimization. Contact us and see for yourself!

Our platform is all about performing repetitive tasks, just as they are viewed and performed by anyone using a computer, with no access or illegal code, which gives legitimacy and legality to the service we provide.

We do not offer any kind of improper advantage. We limit ourselves to offering convenience and the consequent increase in the probability of success, proportional to the use of the attempts made.


We do the work,

You enjoy your time.

A good example is to compare our platform to people who have the discipline to make attempts every day of opening, without missing the hour, without drops in the internet signal, without traffic or any unforeseen event.

According to our studies, when these factors are added to the skill and practical knowledge acquired by a person in the scheduling attempts, it generates a probability of success up to four times higher when compared to those who make sporadic attempts or have recurring difficulties.

In other words, by hiring our service, you will be able to successfully schedule your visit without losing even 1 minute of your day!


Technology for your comfort,

with transparency.